Exhibition by Tom Crittenden
Nov/Dec 2023

An Exhibition by Tom Crittenden

Date: 17th November – 22nd December 2023

Tom Crittenden’s Suffolk Scenes

Suffolk Scenes shows a collection of original drawings, ink sketches, framed colour prints and limited prints by local artist Tom Crittenden. All artwork will be from Suffolk with a focus on Bury St Edmunds landmark’s and hidden gems.

About Tom Crittenden

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomcrittendenart
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TomCrittendenArt

I come from a family of artists. My father was an art teacher, my great grandfather was a professional artist and his father was a prolific sculptor who exhibited many sculptures at the Royal Academy and British Institute.

When I left school I took a different course and did little art for the next twenty years. A few years ago I had an epiphany and started to paint and sketch. I quickly became addicted. Lockdown was a catalyst and fast forwarded my talent. I now produce ink sketches, watercolours and large acrylic canvas inspired by Suffolk. I particularly enjoy painting Bury St.Edmunds and Southwold.

All my paintings are windows opening on to places where I love to be. My artwork is inspired by colourful flowers, magnificent old buildings and beautiful skies. My style is nostalgic. I strip out all the noise and chaos of modern life. It is the opposite of these turbulent times. Pure frivolous escapism. I hope it lightens your soul.

Artist Statement

As an artist I aim to produce paintings which have an emotional impact on the viewer. I enjoy playing with light and shadow and sometimes experiment with a limited palette of colours. My paintings are heavily influenced by sunsets, silhouettes and the natural world.

There has always been an artistic streak in my family. My father taught art, my great grandfather was a fine artist and his father was a prolific sculptor who exhibited 52 sculptures at the Royal Academy and British Institute. Throughout my life I have been interested in sketching and origami and recently I’ve started painting. I’m keen to try as many styles and techniques as possible and see where my art journey takes me.